Which Coffee Is Healthy – A Healthy Coffee Guide

Your Healthy Coffee Guide

Many people, especially coffee newbies hardly know the type of coffee drink to take when they visit a coffee shop. From my my previous post, I presented to you the health benefits of coffee. In it, we learned how coffee can reduce blood fats, lower blood pressure, reduce the rate of heart attacks, and so on. You might get confuse here. It is not the milk, syrup or sugar that is added to the coffee, but the coffee itself that gives all these benefits. In this post, I will give you a healthy coffee guide that will help you in knowing what to take with your coffee.

The various types of coffees we see around in coffee shops contain different amounts of caffeine, calories and protein. We’ll go through the nutritional value of some types of coffee here so that next time you visit a coffee shop, you will know how healthy yours is.


It is a shot of strong black coffee with no milk. It is usually served after meal and contains no protein, 80-100mg of caffeine and about five calories. Espresso on a normal sense has no nutritional value. The low calorie level makes Espresso is good for  good for those who watch their weight. The high level caffeine will keep you alert throughout the afternoon.


A single shot of cappuccino contains 1/3 milk with 6g of protein, sodium in a small quantity. It has 150 and 95 calories when it is made with whole milk and skimmed milk respectively. Cappuccino is an espresso that is topped with skimmed or whole milk. With the high calorie levels, it is not good for those who are looking for weight loss. The milk contents provides for a good dose of protein and calcium which are good for your bones.


This is a shot of espresso with more steamed milk than you could find in a cappuccino. A cup of latte has a protein content of and 5g of fat. It has about 225 and 135 calories when made with whole and skimmed milk respectively. A full milk latte is a good source protein but if you opt for weight loss, go in for a skimmed latte with skimmed milk.


This a latte with chocolate syrup added. It has more carbohydrates and calories than a normal coffee. A full cream version contains 160 calories and 6g of fat meanwhile a skimmed milk version has just 100 calories and no fat. At times it can contain whipped cream. It has a high fat content when compared to other coffees. Drinking a mocha is like eating a bar of chocolate. It contains around 80mg of caffeine, meaning it is good for your afternoon stress.

Piccolo Latte

Piccolo latte, as the name suggest, is another type of latte. You can have your piccolo latte made with skimmed (25 calorie) and full cream milk (45). This is good for those who want to have the taste of coffee and don’t need extra calories and milk.


Americano is type of espresso that made with cream and hot water. It contains 120g-160g of caffeine, double the amount you have in a single shot of espresso. Americano taken without cream (my favorite) contains no calories. Taking it with cream will add about 90 calories. This is not good for those who are caffeine sensitive. Adding some cream will add you some calories and a little protein.


This is a shot of coffee made with a dash of milk. You can use skimmed or full milk with your cup of macchiato. A cup of Macchiato made with whole milk may may contain 4g of milk and 90 calories. Many people will add sugar (15 calories per teaspoon) which is a little risky. It contains about 80g of caffeine and 3g of protein. The high level of caffeine may hit caffeine-sensitive people in the face.

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