Coffees That Have The Most Caffeine

Unless you are drinking a decaffeinated version of coffee, caffeine is a natural substance that you will have in your normal morning Java. An average 8-ounce of coffee contains about 100mg of caffeine. This can be of help to those who are not coffee addicts and will want to keep to the daily recommended 300mg limit (if only you could keep to 3 cups of coffee for a day). Caffeine levels may depend on the bean type, roast level and even the brand.

Reading Coffee Labels

When reading through coffee labels, you may likely see the roast levels. It could be light, medium or dark. The roast level indicates the strength of the flavor. The dark roasts has the strongest tastes. People think the strong dark roast coffee beans have higher caffeine content. Anyhow, it is not true when you base your attention on the roasting process. The longer you roast, the darker the bean and the more the caffeine is burned off. Light roast coffee are not as strong as dark roast but have more caffeine.

Bean Types

The various bean types – Arabica and Robusta – dictate the level of caffeine. Brands roast either Arabica or Robusta. Robusta coffee beans have the most caffeine. It is even said that Arabica coffee beans contain just about half the caffeine you will find in Robusta coffee.

Brewing Time

Brewing time can also determine the level of caffeine your cup of coffee has. Brewing for a long time can lead to more caffeine. A traditional drip maker will brew with more caffeine. It will take it about five minutes brew time if it has a filter thereby making it to bear the most caffeine. A French press will brew for about two to four minutes and may end have a slightly less caffeine content. A single shot espresso has less caffeine since the coffee stays in water just for about 20 to 30 seconds. Anyhow, since the serving size is small, it maybe more concentrated.

Brand Variations

The caffeine level in your cup of coffee can vary between brands. Brand labels rarely indicate the exact content of caffeine on their coffee bags. A way you can use to know the caffeine content is by the amount you pay for. The most expensive brands of coffee usually have the most caffeine content.

Specialty Coffees

Specialty coffee drinks are usually made with dark roasts and have less brewing time. This means they have less caffeine contents. This cancels out the common misconception that espressos and lattes have more caffeine than normal black coffee.

Taking a lot of caffeine might not be too good for your health. It can have some side effects like restlessness, irritation and increased urination. When planning for the number of cups of coffee you want to take for a day, make sure you think about other substances that contain caffeine that you plan on taking – like tea, soda, aspirin or chocolate.

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